The Icing on the Cake Resource Packs

The Icing on the Cake Resource Packs

Unlocking language and literacy is our number one objective

Figure of Speech Resources has been developed by the team at Speech Pathology Tasmania. As speech and language pathologists – and as parents – we understand the complexities and wonders of helping language develop. We understand how language contributes to the skill of reading for both children and adults. We are excited to help provide these resources to you.


Our goals for this program

  • Choice

    We aim to continually evolve our resources to provide a wide range of texts for people of all ages.

  • Research-Based

    All our resources are created using tried-and-tested methods of developing language and literacy in both children and adults.

  • Quality

    We seek to use engaging texts that captivate readers and help foster a love of talking and reading, and thereby enriching language development.

Our Mission

To provide evidence-based practice to achieve excellent outcomes, and reciprocal sharing of skills with others to work towards our vision.

Our Vision

To facilitate caring and connected communities by enabling equitable access to speech pathology services so that every Tasmanian may flourish.

Evidence-based programs that work

All our literacy work has been developed using evidence-based research, and each Icing on the Cake pack contains references to the research which supports the strategies used.

We use Blank’s Levels of Questioning to aid the development of comprehension, inferencing, problem solving, predicting, and verbal reasoning. Each level has its own sheet of questions, which can be read easily alongside the story.

Vocabulary targets are embedded into the questions, and a word-web is provided to support deep understanding of new words.

Our resources also contain activities that promote phonological awareness, and easy-to-use assessments.

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Our Amazing Team

Sheila Steele
Author and Speech Pathologist

“Much of my spare time is spent reading to my children, and I am passionate about literacy and an enjoyment of reading and writing. I get a lot of enjoyment from creating resources – watch this space!”

Linda McKillop
Speech Pathologist and Orton-Gillingham Trainer

“What a privilege to be able to be able to provide a fun, engaging, secure environment for students to develop oral and written communication skills, and share in so many life-changing results with students of all ages”

Rosalie Martin
Speech Pathologist, Criminologist and Dialogue Facilitator

“Flexibility, love, and nurture of family, have been the values base of Speech Pathology Tasmania. These, together with professionalism and excellence, underpin all our activities and interactions”