The Icing on the Cake Resource Packs

The Icing on the Cake Resource Packs

Orton-Gillingham 5 Day Basic Training Program

This explicit, systematic and multisensory instruction, that is the Orton-Gillingham (O-G) Language Approach, prepares educators to successfully provide reading instruction to all students and targeted instruction to struggling readers including those who have dyslexia.

Upon completing this course participants will have acquired the skills necessary to fully implement this data driven solution for teaching reading and the early foundations of writing to all students. This course provides participants with the skills they need to master the fundamentals of reading instruction —phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and develop the early foundations for writing. Educators implementing the Yoshimoto Orton-Gillingham approach with fidelity are observing consistent and significant growth in spoken and written language for all their students. This course is suitable for all including teachers, speech pathologists, teachers assistants, parents, etc.

Orton-Gillingham 1 Day Advanced Morphology Training Program

Orton-Gillingham Advanced Morphology is a one day training course that is designed to provide educators with strategies to enhance the higher level literacy skills of students with special emphasis on morphology for developing, decoding, encoding and vocabulary development.